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"Spooky or Sweet: Celebrating the Halfway to Halloween with Art"

Updated: May 25

Halloween Miniature Art
Halloween Miniature Mixed Media Art

Hello creative beings, happy half way to Halloween! I wanted to share my miniature Halloween toy store that I made within a 3x3 canvas.

I used the following supplies: 3x3 canvas, acrylic paints, puffy paint, cardboard, popsicle sticks, clay, moss, different-sized beads, wire, string, glue, black & white paint pens and I printed a very tiny welcome sign.

I have been exploring the medium of miniature making for about a year. I am a mixed media artist and mixing miniature making has been super fun! There is something about tiny worlds that just makes my heart smile. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I find myself inspired throughout the year to make something Halloween. I thought a Halloween toy store would be fun to make. I hope this inspires you to make something. Happy Arting!

Halloween Miniature Art
Halloween Miniature Mixed Media Art

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I love this, very creative! Love the store name !

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