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It's a New Year 2024! Looking forward to making some new projects. Some projects are just for fun, some are gifts and some will be for sell. 

Black & White

I love Beetlejuice and I am excited for the up-and-com·ing sequel! I made 5 Tim Burton inspired OOAK dolls.  All these dolls are for sell in my Mercari shop. Click on thrift finds to see my shops.

Abstract Plant

 I made an art doll/figurine inspired from Bentley House Minis project called "The Captains Quarters. I got the idea of making a girl adventurer who is half octopus/girl her name is Marella who was inspired by Captain Maggie. Marella is an inkblot artist and marine biologist in training. She sends Captain Maggie messages through the ocean. The project is such a cool twist on sci-fi because Ara added an ocean element to her project. I would highly recommend you check out her Youtube channel! Lot of amazing miniature project are happening on her channel. 

Rustic Objects

Anne Rice is the "True Queen" of vampire literature. I love "Interview with the Vampire and Queen of Damn. This is a custom Akasha Queen of the Damned Doll that I made for my bestie! 

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