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Welcome, to a year of art journaling 

This is a once a month art journal page that I will be working on for the year. I picked a well know character and reimagine their story from a different prospective. This year I picked Carrie White from the 1976 movie called "Carrie' written by Stephen King. I am looking forward to seeing how this evolves. I feel I will be getting some healing from this project.


Carrie Reimagined
Jaunuary 2024

I picked up from the prom scene in the movie "Carrie" instead of Carrie killing a bunch of terrible teens. Carrie lets out a primal scream so loud that it breaks every window and glass in sight in the auditorium as well as every car window outside. It freaks everyone out, and Carrie runs out. She didn't want to go home, so she ran and ran until she reached a lake. She walks into the lake and thinks this is it. I am done with this life. Carrie submerges herself in the water to end her life, but to her shock, she is rescued by a dog. The dog is pulling Carrie to shore. Carrie is screaming and crying, not knowing what to think. As Carrie tries to collect herself. The dog is sitting close by her. She looks into the dog's eyes, and for the first time in her life, Carrie feels safe. The dog lays his head in Carrie's lap. Carrie says, "You must be an angel." I am going to call you Angel. They curl up into each other and fall asleep.


Carrie Reimagined
February 2024

The next morning, Carrie wakes up to Angel, nudging her head. She sits up and looks around, trying to figure out where she is. She sees Angel drinking water from the lake and realizes that she is thirsty, too. Carrie walks over to the lake and uses her hands to scoop some water into her mouth. Afterward, Angel begins walking towards a dirt path. Angel turns and barks at Carrie in a gesture that suggests following him. Carrie gets up and starts to follow Angel. They walk along a dirt path for what seems like forever until they come across a wooden cottage. 


There, in front of the cottage, is a woman working in her garden. Angel runs towards the cottage, and Carrie follows. The woman is alerted by Angel approaching, and she stands up. She then sees Carrie following behind. The woman can see Carrie is disheveled, scraped up pretty badly, and has deep sadness in her face. Carrie doesn't look up; she stands quiet, not knowing what to say. Angel walks up to the woman, and the woman puts her hand out for Angel to smell her hand. She then began to pet Angel. The woman says to Carrie, "You have a great dog. What is his name?" Carrie looks up and says, Angel. The woman says, "What a beautiful name." The woman then says,I have some tea brewing. Would you like a cup of tea?" Carrie says, with hesitation, yes. Angel follows the woman inside, and Carrie follows after. 


Inside the cabin, it's cozy, warm, and inviting. Carrie looks around to see books on shelves, paintings she has never seen before, plants, a colorful couch with decorative throw pillows, and so much more. Carrie can't believe how different this woman's home looks compared to her mother's house. Angel immediately lays down on the big rug. Carrie sits on the couch near Angel. The woman brings a cup of tea to Carrie and says, Hi, my name is Osiria." What is your name?. Carrie says her name is Carrie. Osiria says, Well, Carrie, you are welcome to stay as long as you need, and when you're ready to tell me your  story, I am here to listen. In the meantime, I have a shower, food for you to eat, and some warm clothes. Carrie gives Osiria a small smile. A couple of weeks go by, and Carrie is slowly gaining a sense of self. One of Carrie's favorite things to do now with Osiria is to read books on the couch. Carrie has learned so much in a short amount of time but the most important thing is that Carrie feels safe and loved.

Carrie Reimagined

March 2024


It's raining when Carrie wakes up in the morning. Rain drops are gently hitting the windowpane. She can smell a nutty scent in the air, which lets Carrie know Osiria is making pancakes. Carrie looks at Angel and says good morning. Are hunger? Angel's ears perks up and wag her tail. Carrie and Angel walk into the kitchen and say good morning, Osiria. Osiria looks up with a smile and says good morning. Carrie heads to one of the kitchen cabinets to get Angel's food and pour her food into the bowl. Osiria says breakfast is ready. Let's dig in.  


As they ate, Osiria asked what should we do today? Carrie says with hesitation in her voice since it's raining outside. Maybe I.... can tell how I am different from other people. Osiris says with a softness in her eyes. I am all ears. Angel rests her head in Carrie's lap. It felt like Angel gave Carrie a signal that said go ahead, you're going to be ok. Carrie says I have realized that now that I have had some time to think about my life, nothing has ever been normal for me or good." My mother is very religious and punished me constantly because she thought I was going against God anytime I had a question about things. It made me scared to talk to anybody. So I just didn't talk, and kids made funny of me. They never wanted to be my friend. Now that I am in 10 grade, not much has changed, but there was a moment at the dance that thought I could be normal. 


Carrie cries... I thought I had won prom queen, and then they poured blood all over me! Overwhelmed by humiliation, I broke every single glass surface with my mind. Carrie paused and looked up. Osiris said, How did you break the glass with your mind?" Surprised, Carrie said, "You're not afraid of what I said? No, "said Osiris. I am listening to understand where you're coming from. Carrie said I notice when I get angry that I can move things with my mind." I went to the library and learned that I have telekinesis power. Osiria pushes the glass pitcher of orange juice towards Carrie and says it would be really cool to see your power with a smile. Carrie says it has only really happened when I get angry. Osiria says, "What do you think would happen if you use your power now? You're not angry now, right? Carrie said no because I feel safe here. Osiria says, ok then, use that feeling of being safe and move this glass pitcher." Carrie takes a deep breath and concentrates. She looks at the glass pitcher, and after 10 seconds, it moves ever so gently up in the air, and she pours the orange juice into her cup and returns it to the table. Osiria says well now I have seen everything. That was amazing. Do you mind pouring me a glass with a smile? Carrie says, of course, with a smile. Carrie's new chore around the cabin is watering the garden.

Carrie Reimagining
April 2024

Spring is definitely in the air. The garden is growing, the birds are chipping, and the bees are buzzing. Carrie notices a shed at the back of the cabin. Carrie asks Osiria, What is in the shed? Osiria says a bunch of stuff I have collected over the years. Carrie walks over to the shed and opens the door. Sure enough, there is a lot of stuff in the shed, but something catches Carrie's eye. She sees a Singer 1910 antique sewing machine. Carrie asked where she got this sewing machine from. Osiria says it was her grandmother's. It was handed down to me, but I could never get into sewing. Do you sew? Asked Osiria. Carrie says yes. I made my prom dress with a sadness in her tone. Osiria says well if you can get it to work again. You can make a new dress. Carrie smiled and said that would be nice. 


The next day, Osiria and Carrie cleaned out the shed from top to bottom. They found many boxes with tons of different fabrics that just needed to be cleaned. In the corner of the shed, they saw a sewing mannequin. They carried out the sewing table and made room in the corner of the cabin. Carrie now has a place where she can make anything she wants. After a long day of cleaning, it was definitely time for rest and a shower. Before bedtime, Osiria and Carrie would read and have tea. Carrie is currently reading Joan of Arc by Edward Lucie-Smith. Well, Carrie was reading, and she got a sudden spark of inspiration for what she wanted to do. 


It took a couple of days for Carrie to wash and sun-dry all the fabric they found in the shed. She always cleaned the sewing mannequin and brought it into the cabin as well. Carrie is excited about making a new dress as well as a modern-day suit of armor equipped with a sewing utility belt. She lightly sketches out her idea and gets to work, with each stitch of the fabric Carrie is getting giddy because she can't wait to see how she will feel about her inspiration, of Joan of Arc. When Carrie finishes, she puts on her dress and the Joan of Arc-inspired suit of armor. She is elated! It made Carrie want to levitate her sewing supplies just for the sake of it. Carrie's next project is to make Osiria a dress for their up-and-coming trip.

Carrie Reimagining

May 2024


Carrie and Osiria were beyond excited to embark on their week-long road trip in Osiria's beloved GMC Motorhome, Free Spirit. They have been planning this trip for a month, Osiria wanted to show Carrie that there is more to life than just her cabin. They carefully mapping out all the places they wanted to see and delicious eats they wanted to try along the way. Their adventure was set to begin in Maine and culminate in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Their first major stop was Boston, a city steeped in rich history and charm. Carrie and Osiria were eager to explore the Boston National Historical Park, where they marveled at the colonial architecture and learned about the city's role in shaping American history. They also made a stop at the Charlestown Navy Yard, taking in the impressive ships and learning about the area’s naval history. But the highlight of their time in Boston was a visit to The Union Oyster House, the city's oldest restaurant. They indulged in fresh seafood and New England specialties in a historic setting along the Freedom Trail, enjoying every bite and soaking in the surrounding.


Next on their trip was New York City, a bustling metropolis brimming with iconic landmarks and cultural attractions. Carrie and Osiria were eager to see The Statue of Liberty up close, a symbol of freedom and democracy. They took a ferry to Liberty Island, snapping photos and taking in the beautiful views of the city skyline. After their visit, they made their way to The Statue of Liberty Crown Cafe, the oldest family-owned restaurant in the city. They enjoyed a delicious meal and toasted to their trip thus far.


As they continued their road trip towards Ohio, Carrie and Osiria were filled with anticipation for the grand finale of their adventure. They had tickets to a concert featuring legendary rock bands Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana, and Ted Nugent at the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati on Saturday, May 15. The thought of rocking out to their favorite tunes sent shivers of excitement down their spines. But before the big night, they made a pit stop at Sugar n’ Spice Restaurant, a local favorite known for their wispy thin pancakes and quirky souvenirs. True to their reputation, the restaurant gifted Carrie and Osiria with little rubber ducks as a memento of their visit, adding a touch of whimsy to their already unforgettable trip.


Throughout their journey, Carrie and Osiria bonded, laughed until their stomachs hurt, and made lasting memories that would forever hold a special place in their hearts. From the historic sites of Boston to the vibrant streets of New York City and the rockin’ vibes of Ohio, their road trip was a joy of exploring new places together. As they cruised back home in Free Spirit, the sun setting in the distance, Carrie and Osiria knew that this was just the beginning of many more adventures to come. 

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